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4 Casino Tips for New and Veteran Players

If you like to go to casinos then you know it can be a lot of fun, especially when you get on a hot winning streak.

And, while it's always more fun to walk away as a winner, unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Of course, many people will just chalk up their losing sessions to the old adage "the casino always wins," but smarter casino players know that phrase isn't necessarily true and that there actually are ways to get more value for your gambling dollar and also to increase your chances of winning.

Steve Bourie
August 20, 2020

An Unbelievably Juicy Video Poker Game

When I first started playing video poker some 25 years ago, I knew about the importance of playing with an edge. At the start of my video poker playing career, it was fairly common to find video poker games that had a theoretical return over 100%, especially in the local’s casinos in Las Vegas (and in one casino in Mississippi). Most of the time, my wife and I played a deuces wild game called Full Pay Deuces Wild (or FPDW), which returned 5 coins per coin played for 4-of-a-kind and 15 coins for 5-of-a-kind.

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
July 5, 2020

Playing Video Poker: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Be Lucky

(Note: I’m not telling this story just to brag about my good fortune but rather to use it as a teaching example for video poker players.)

In a previous article, I bemoaned my long royal flush drought in which I played about 270,000 hands between one royal flush and the next one.  Then boom … I found myself in another mini-drought beginning in July 2019, lasting until the middle of December 2019. I was hoping for one more royal before the year ended. Here’s what happened.

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
January 8, 2020

The Facts on Hitting a Royal Flush at Video Poker

Let’s face it. What all video poker players hope (and pray) for is that the next hand will give them a royal flush because that results in an immediate 4,000 coin payoff. But did you ever wonder what the chance that this will happen when you hold, say, four cards to a royal flush?  How about holding three cards to a royal?  And what is the chance of being dealt a royal flush on the initial deal? I’ve summarized the answers to these questions below and they may surprise you.

Henry Tamburin Ph.D
September 10, 2019

Multi Hand Video Poker Play Introduction

Standard video poker machines are called single-play because the player plays only one game at a time. However, single-play games are not the only type of video poker game available in a casino (or online). There are also games that play three, five, 10, 50 and even 100 hands at a time. 

These multiple hand games are called multiple-hand or multiple-play (or multi-hand / multi-play for short). There is nothing magical about how to play video poker multiple hand games.

Jerry Stich
February 14, 2019